Stinger Distributor Clone?

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Stinger Distributor Clone?

Post by erco »

I keep seeing this "A-Team Pro Series" "ready to run" "Corvair" distributor in pop-up ads... guess Google has been watching me. Amazon and Walmart both sell it, among others: ... B07YBJ8KD2 Google "Corvair distributor" and you'll see it. A complete billet-machined distributor, ball bearing, internal magnetic pickup, adjustable mechanical advance, with vacuum advance, for $130.

It appears to be a Stinger distributor or clone. Appears to need an external ignition module. Not sure what that may cost, but may be worth considering if the distributor+module price is competitive with an $85 Pertronix Ignitor plus a full Clark's rebuilt for $270.

Anybody using these?
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Re: Stinger Distributor Clone?

Post by 66vairguy »

erco --- old news by now on CCF. Seth Emerson worked with a "off shore" company to make the Corvair HEI type distributor. Seth was not able to negotiate himself as the "only" distributor. So the "off shore" company started selling the distributors to whoever would buy them for re-sale. So they are really ALL Stinger distributors from whoever wants to buy and re-sell them under whatever name.

Seth provided a lot of help to his customers, then the cheap jerks would buy the distributor for less and call Seth for help when they could not get any help for the site they bought the "Stinger" from. Seth finally closed sales and support except to a few folks who wanted to buy from him for special applications.

The "Stinger", like a lot of HEI clones, is only as good as the parts in it. The well designed GM HEI units worked great, but the off shore HEI parts are questionable. A good HEI module should control a 0.5ohm coil with no issue, but Seth found the HEI module in the Stinger was failing and he suggested a coil with a greater impedance. I've found the same issue on SBC HEI type distributors. There is some online information suggesting some HEI modules don't even work like the GM design. A buddy had all kinds of HEI problems with "auto parts stores" HEI modules. I told him to go with a quality brand HEI module. Not cheap, but it fixed his problems.

The other issue is setting up the mechanical advance. Seth was helpful and had kits for different engines. The other "Stinger" retailers simply sell a one size fits all. They work, but are usually not optimal because Chevy had a different timing curves for each powertrain to optimize power and fuel economy as defined by the number on the DELCO distributor.

BTW - Years ago some folks on the CCF bougth a few "rebuilt" Corvair distributors from known auto parts stores. What the found was a mis-match of parts inside. The assumption was the re-builders assumed all the springs, cams, etc. were all the same and cleaned and discarded bad parts and then assembled distributors with new bushing using parts from a "grab pile" of parts.

I go to great efforts to find a good used Corvair distributor and confirm the cams, flyweights, springs, etc. and install a new bushing so I have a distributor with the correct timing advance. The Delco distributor was a good unit and if not a rusty mess from sitting outside, usually only needs a new bushing and lubrication. The only other issue is the points plate which is corrected by adding a flexible ground wire between the two moving parts of the points plate assembly. Note the Pertronix comes with a ground wire for their module plate and often I find them missing - not sure why, but I install the ground wire and that fixes intermittent issues.

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