1964 Spyder needs work - who can help?

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1964 Spyder needs work - who can help?

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I am in search of someone in the Detroit area who can do some work on my Desert Beige "64" Spyder Coupe. I have owned it since 2012. I was driving it during the summers until fall of 2016. It always had a serious differential leak and in my opinion was running too hot as well. Thermister is working. Anyway, I got tired of adding differential fluid so my plan was to pull out the drive train and attend to anything that needs repair or upgrading. The clutch was chattering pretty good also, I suspect it is saturated with oil. I have everything off above the top shroud and this is where I'm at with it, it is not drivable for that reason.

My plan is to locate someone trustworthy, and guarantees their work to go through the engine trans/ clutch, and differential. I want the engine bay painted too.

I am working too much now to get to it myself.

please email me at ramblerpat@wowway.com, call or text 586-863-6023 with any referrals.

Please remember I do not want the car or drivetrain leaving the south eastern Michigan area.

Patrick Laus
Detroit Area

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Re: 1964 Spyder needs work - who can help?

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You might contact the Detroit CORSA club chapter below and see if any members could fulfill your needs, or if anyone can recommend a local mechanic who is both knowledgeable about Corvairs and reputable.

If the transaxle leak is bleeding fluid from the clutch bell housing, it might just be a bad seal. A clutch job and replacement sure the problem. But if the machined casting of the input shaft "snout" has been wounded, you may be looking at a differential teardown and overhaul to replace the "snout", which must be removed from the inside of the differential case. Replacing a damaged "snout" requires a complicated dismantling of the differential, as a new component must be installed from inside the differential case!



The link below will provide you with a list of useful websites that are Corvair-related. Some of the links will lead you to an extensive technical library that will allow you to download shop manuals and other technical references in Adobe Reader format at no cost. There is also a link that will help you to locate nearby CORSA (Corvair Society of America) club chapters. While the Corvair Forum can be very helpful as you work on your Corvair, having local friends and contacts in your region who are knowledgeable about the Corvair can also be very helpful. These family-friendly CORSA chapters often offer picnics, group scenic drives, technical training and assistance, car shows, and competition events that can greatly enhance your enjoyment of Corvair ownership. You will also find a list of essential Corvair parts suppliers. Clark's Corvair Parts is the biggest and oldest Corvair supplier in the world. You will find a link that can provide you with a series of videos that amount to a tour of the Clark's Corvair Parts facilities. I think you will be amazed at the quality of the reproduction components they offer — particularly the interior carpeting and re-upholstery items. Parts suppliers such as this truly make our Corvair hobby possible.

Common and Useful Corvair Websites

:link: viewtopic.php?f=225&t=6007

The Detroit Area Corvair Club is hopefully close to your location in southeast Michigan. They have regular meetings and a big event coming up in August that you might enjoy. CORSA club chapters are family-friendly and offer things like technical training and assistance, car shows, competition events, picnics, scenic drives, etc. You might want to check out their websites and perhaps join them...


Image :link: http://detroitcorvairs.com
Detroit Area Corvair Club - DACC — 5498 Duffield Road, Swartz Creek, MI
Email: clubinfo@detroitcorvairs.com

FACEBOOK :link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1754042794919876/
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