Will it warp?

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Will it warp?

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Hi everybody! I'm new to this forum, and I'll probably be peppering you guys with questions about a '65 monza convertible I just bought. I don't have much mechanical knowledge, but I have way too much time on my hands.

Anyway, my Corvair's floor pans are pretty rusted, and I currently have the rear wheels up on ramps. While I know the car wasn't warped when I bought it and I don't think it's warping right now, should I take the car off the ramps just in case?

Additionally, when I replace the floor pans, should I brace the doors or weld a brace into the interior? Both?

I can send pictures if you want.

Thanks! :chevy:

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Re: Will it warp?

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Rear wheels on ramps won't bother anything.
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Re: Will it warp?

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If the car is solid except for the floors, without sagging or bad rocker or pillar rust you should be ok to cut out and weld in floor panels without bracing. IF, however the doors are saggy at all, or there are pillar or rocker repairs to be done then bracing of door openings with the body supported so that good door alignment is known" before" welding in braces is a good idea. Next fix the heavily structural rust like pillars and rockers before doing the floors.
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