Negative Camber/Urethane Bushings

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Re: Negative Camber/Urethane Bushings

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I don't think the special washers will fit with the bushings I have. As I understand the special washers they have a protrusion that basically fits in the end of the bushing too help support it. I could cut off the sleeves and either buy or make some washers with the protrusion. Or I could purchase rebuilt rods from clarks. I may leave what I have and watch it too see how it works. I appreciate the comments. Do you know the outside diameter of the protrusion on the washers? Larry

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Re: Negative Camber/Urethane Bushings

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If your bolts fit the inside of the sleeves then the sleeves are too small for the special washers. The special washers take up the space between the large sleeve and small bolt. The protrusion on the washer fits inside the sleeve.
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Re: Negative Camber/Urethane Bushings

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Here is a pic of one of the washers. The center hole is 1/2”, the outside of the raised center is about 9/16”, the overall diameter is 1 1/8” or so
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Re: Negative Camber/Urethane Bushings

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Sounds like you have the wrong bushings. Without showing us exactly what you have we are all speculating. My rebuilt rods or get the correct bushings from a corvair vendor. But it sounds to me like whatever you have is not meant to be used with the special washers which is fine as long as the hole in the sleeve is the same as the bolt diameter. Regardless, they shouldn't be that squishy so it really doesn't matter. Do yourself a favor and get the correct parts from a reputable corvair vendor.
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Re: Negative Camber/Urethane Bushings

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I had the same same SAME problem with a 63 nova convertible I had! It had chronic un-adjustable lower control arms. I'd adjust them via the eccentric adjuster, drive it around the block, and then it would be completely out of whack. Drove me insane! I then realized that it was missing those special washers that fit inside the center metal sleeve of the bushing.

Without them, it's just the bolt slopping around inside that sleeve and absolutely a waste of your time. I'm convinced that is why the previous owner sold that nova to me!

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