LM vs. EM Debate.

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LM vs. EM

LM's are best.
EM's are best.
My Dad can beat up your Dad.
Total votes: 585

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Re: Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by Scott H »

Wow. That's an impressive list of Corvairs!

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by UNSAFE »

>>>>>I don't know if she knew why 20 boys would be standing in the parking lot at school to watch her swing those long, gorgeous, luscious legs out of that little car or not. <<<<

She Knew ! :cool:

At my HS it was my Spanish teacher and her MG midget ::-):
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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by flat6_musik »

I've owned both and although I find the LM's sexier and cooler looking (and I appreciate the suspension upgrade of course), I feel that the EM's have a very solid feeling to them, like they used thicker metal or something......probably that full frame around the door glass helps. My EM had 15 X 7 wheels all around, was lowered and handled VERY well.

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Post by HUNTER42120 »

early models rule

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early models

Post by hoosierdaddy24 »

I like early models better

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by corvair1960 »

Well if it wasn't for the EM's then this debte would never happen!!!!! EM'S RULE!!!!

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by swi66 »

And I always thought FC's were best!

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by miniman82 »

Like them all you want, LM's are still on top!
Click it!

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by Hagar »

Gotta vote LM. Timeless styling, superior suspension.
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Goop Of Oil
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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by Goop Of Oil »

Scott Howey wrote:We went and picked up my Dad's Corvair today. It's a 64 Monza with some Spyder add-ons. It has a 110/4spd.
As you can see in the picture above, Early Models emit radiation and it is causing the man in back to keel over. His only defense is to dream of Late Model Trunk Lids to shield himself. Can you see the LM Trunk lid above his head? He will be fine in no time! :rolling:

LM to the rescue.
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Scott H
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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by Scott H »

Just to the right of him (not seen in the picture above) is his only saving grace. A 65 coupe. Yes, it was a close one but he will be ok. :rolling:

I'm not sure what the purple line is? Extreme radiation? :beamup:

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by candimunster »

first off this i am quoting
"Ummm, no - Men are superior - but this debate is EM vs LM"
is a noooo go!!!! silly man!
and second off i really love my 63' i think she is beautiful, then i saw scott's car and got to drove it and loved his too so both my hat goes off to both!
and my dad would totally whip ur dad!
first corvair it's a 63 named her sherri haha


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Re: LM vs. EM Debate. I dare you!

Post by mrtrimmier »

Scott Howey wrote:
b-vair wrote:Where's the "Meh...If I had the space I'd have both" choice? :)
You can vote for both. (even if you don't have the room for them ;) )

Early Convert, Late Coupe......
Mike T
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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by gsp393 »

I can't vote in this poll because even though the car I learned to drive on my own was a '65 at 14, my first car was a '63 Spyder at 16. The late models are more sporty and have a better IRS, but the earlies have a classic car look. I've got a soft spot in my heart for both, as well as the Greenbriers and trucks too.

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by ggray »

LMs are for kids. I have owned 5 Corvairs all of which were EMs. I bought 2 of them new. Some day when I completely loose my sanity I may buy a LM vair but until that day EMs only.

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by Trip »

I started off liking only lates, but the earlies have grown on me and I'm just wrapping up the restoration of my first early... a 63 monza coupe with a 102/pg... Maybe I'll report back once I get to actually drive an early for a bit!

So nowadays I like both flavors, and I intend to maintain at least one of each in my "stable" at all times! My driver is a 66' Corsa 140 coupe, I intend to build myself a Spyder coupe within the next year or two. The plan is to keep those two cars long term.. but at 30 years old the longest I've ever kept a car is about 3.5 years so I don't know how likely it is I'll actually stick with those two rather than trade them out every couple years (kinda like my women, except I can't keep getting "newer" model Corvairs! =P).
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