LM vs. EM Debate.

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LM vs. EM

LM's are best.
EM's are best.
My Dad can beat up your Dad.
Total votes: 585

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by bbodie52 »

:goodpost: I agree. Half of the ten Corvairs we have had in our family over the years (1961-2014) were EM coupes and convertibles, and the other half were LM coupes and convertibles. Two had turbos (one 1963 Spyder convertible and one 1965 Corsa coupe). That said, we currently have a 1966 Corsa convertible — but I really want to buy another EM coupe next year. But if a nice LM sedan comes along, I might add that to the group. And maybe a Greenbrier, and maybe a Rampside... :tongue: ::-):

So "ToplessSpyder", what is keeping your Spyder in the web instead of out on the road??? Could you tell us about it and maybe post some pictures?
Brad Bodie
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Image 1966 Corvair Corsa Convertible

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by FeltVairs »

Well, I have had both. I'm a performance minded guy, so the late all the way. If GM would have started with the late model, we would still have Corvairs today!

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by Nashville Chris »

bobw wrote:EM sedans win
I agree.


To be fair, my first Corvair was a '66 Corsa coupe 140. I've had several late coupes, four FCs, a '63 Monza convertible, and this sedan. For regular driving, I really prefer the solidness of an early coupe or sedan. If I were to go back to racing in the SVRA, obviously I would build a Stinger clone from a late coupe.
1963 700 sedan, 84/PG, 3rd owner

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by dplass »

Had to make sure the numbers were even. LM.

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by mikel »

Future Race Car or Hot Rod?
64 Monza
64 Monza

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by Jonathan's61vair »

I think that the poll numbers right now split is the most accurate ::-): . I have an EM 2 door and a LM 4 door and I love them both!


James Stanworth
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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by James Stanworth »

I have owned both early and late models. but my 1963 vert is the most fun to drive. So I have to vote early on this one.

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by NMVair »

I see early models are making a late charge.....

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by mikey »

ummm.. i like the em's because they had an aluminum steering box. lates have cast iron steering box. jmho,mikey

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by Fancool »

I prefer late but the early model at the Ypsilanti museum with wire weels and side air scoop is fantastic.
Lot of chrome and the interior is nice.
66 conv. Corsa turbo

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by azdave »

I got another late model back on the road after three previous owners left her parked and diassembled for 21 years. Did I earn another LM vote???
Dave W. from Gilbert, AZ
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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by bobw »

it's all about the lines..... the roof line that is. EM sedans are where it's at!

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by dave120v »

I think availability is the key

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by er-mine »

id like to have one ov every year...

a manual in most, p/g in a couple but NO foor doors!

definetly 4 speeds in a converty of each year

maybe after having twenty or so of each, i can tell which ones better

just want them to run....and to have some fun !

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by jseitz77 »

Lean toward EM's. Classic!

Tom G
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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by Tom G »

I'll reiterate my post from four years ago. Growing up in the sixties my family had three corvairs, two 62s a Monza Sedan and a Coupe and a 63 Coupe. I owned a '68 140hp 4 speed convertible about 10 years ago. The late models are beautiful no doubt but i think the early models had better build quality and good looks as well. Chevy never made an ugly Corvair. I'll go with the earlies. I'd actually like one of each!

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