LM vs. EM Debate.

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LM vs. EM

LM's are best.
EM's are best.
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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by bobw »

EM sedans win
'62 at artsquest.jpg

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by corvair70 »

I like the 4 dr. EM with the roof line shared with the full size GM 4dr hardtops.Kind of a miniature version.

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by danapointcorvair »

early models have to win, without them there would be no late model

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by tommy44432 »

The LM's have a timeless body style that would still look good in 2014. When I decided to buy however I chose the EM. I just prefer the styling...or lack of it...whatever.

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by CorvairEsq »

My mechanic said it best, the LM's look kind of like the first generation Camaros, whereas the EMs don't look like anything that's ever been on the road, before or since the LM's.

I cast my vote for the EMs (I own a bastard child '64), but I do appreciate the lines of the LMs.
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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by corsaconvertible »

I just happen to prefer the styling of the LM, and the rear suspension. I've often heard the build quality of the EM was superior, and if true, the EM gets some additional consideration.

Regardless, I would consider an EM if it were a coupe, convertible, Lakewood wagon, or forward control.
Personally, the only Corvair I don't like the styling of is the early 4 door. I haven't learned to appreciate the roof overhang above the backlight. It is growing on me though!
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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by Skrain »

I like my 64. The charm and the flying brick styling of the Earlies, but with some of the suspension upgrades of the Lates. :tu:
Of course, if I could find a nice LM Vert, preferably with carbs, I wouldn't turn it down. Two is ALWAYS better then one! :tongue:
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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by 64powerglide »

Just wanted to make sure I have this correct. The EM are the EXTRA MASCULINE & the LM are the LADIES MODEL??
EM'S WIN. :rolling:
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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by 1966-Corsa-GT-180 »

bbodie52 wrote: :goodpost: With your passion for Station Wagons, maybe someday you will own a Corvair Lakewood station wagon, like the 1962 Lakewood pictured below. ...
In the interest of accuracy - that ermine white beauty is the rare 1962 Monza station wagon. For some unknown reason Chevrolet dropped the romantically named "Wood" models for 1962 station wagons - No more Lakewood - no more Parkwood, no more Brookwood. They were now station wagon body styles within the Style designation. Thus Impala, Bel Air, Biscayne now had station wagons just as Corvairs now had them in the 700 style and the Monza.
All Corvair s/w were cancelled in early 1962. Production was allocated to the new Monza convertible models, a much better seller!!
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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by bbodie52 »

Wikipedia wrote:In 1962 Chevrolet introduced the Corvairs with few changes at the beginning of the year. The bottom line 500 series station wagon was dropped and the 700 became the base station wagon. The "Lakewood" name was dropped...Monza wagon becomes available, 500 wagon dropped- wagons lose 'Lakewood' designation. Station wagons discontinued mid-1962 to provide capacity for other Corvair and Chevy II models...

Lakewood - Corvair Station Wagon (1961–62) available as a 500 or 700. The Monza wagon was available in 1962 and is not really a Lakewood. All window glass was specific to this model due to its taller roofline.
I had read that on Wikipedia before, but I became so used to calling the Corvair station wagon a "Lakewood" that I continued the practice, even for 1962 Corvair station wagons, as they took their last gasp of their brief 1½ production year existence... which came to an end under the knife of the GM bean counters.

Early station wagons in the 1950s were often adorned with wood siding. According to Wikipedia, by the late 1950s, wood body construction was replaced with wood accents on all-steel bodies. Ford introduced the Country Squire with simulated woodgrain paneling. By 1955, only Ford and Mercury offered a woodie model, accomplishing the simulation of wood with other materials, e.g., steel, plastics and DiNoc (a vinyl product). It sounds like GM marketing wanted to drop the traditional association of the station wagon with wood construction and trim, so the names that contained the term "wood" were all dropped in the early 1960s. The name "Lakewood" appears to have been caught up in that marketing decision, shortly before the Corvair station wagon body style was dropped altogether.
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Re: LM vs. EM Debate. I dare you!

Post by California Dreaming »

I LOVE VANS, and RAMPSIDE PICK-UPS !!!!! I'm a LM Guy myself... BUT.... An EM Yellow on Black Spyder Vert, Or EM Coupe, White with Red Interior... They're the Shiznits !!!! Lakeside Monza Wagons are cool too... but I have 2 LM's already... maybe someday... <sigh>
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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by fbama73 »

well, up until last month, I'd have always said I preferred late models. But, there was this Honduras Red '64 'vert on Craigslist, and we went to look at it, and it was priced decent, and the guy was desparate for cash, and I happened to bring hundred dollar bills with me....

So now, I like both, for different reasons. I definitely love the "bubbletop" style windshield of the EM's

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by NorwayCorvair »

I have always had a fascination for Corvairs and especially the 65-69's.
When the time came to buy a Corvair there where not many to find.. (I have made a little register of Corvairs in Norway and have around 20, so they are not something you see often...).

But after starting on my EM I really started to love them.
But then again I do love them both so EM and LM yes please ::-):
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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by junkman »

Early model Corvairs rule, because they paved the way for the acceptance of the little rear engine car. That lead the way for GM to introduce the second generation of the successful Corvair. There is a popular misconception that Ralph Nader killed the Corvair, however, I believe that it was the success of the Camaro, that lead to the demise of the Corvair.
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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by tommy44432 »

The LM is a beautiful car. The LM's body style would look contemporary even today. It was that far ahead of it's time. However I don't want one. I've always preferred the EM just because. It's one of those things you can't quantify. People think I'm crazy because I may be the only Chevy guy in the world that is not impressed with Corvettes. I don't want one of them either. :rolling:

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Re: LM vs. EM Debate.

Post by ToplessSpyder »

This is like trying to pick your favorite child. I think LM 2doors are some of the classiest cars on the road. They look fantastic, with that said I love my wife's EM Spyder, yet to get on the road and she is now threatening me

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