Fan Belt Fun

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Fan Belt Fun

Post by Storm »

This was on my 64

Man.... Changing a fan belt in the dark on I-76 was fun! I noticed that semis would move over to the left lane, but cars & trucks nope......
Note to self, carry a flashlight in my toolkit. Also add a new fan belt to the tool kit too!

*Suggestion to GM for future Corvair production, please make it so I don't need to take out my air filter assembly & spare tire to be able to change my belt. (probably could have done it with it but.....)

Anyway overall not bad & took about 10 minutes.

I heard a pop & then noticed the temp light & pulled over immediately! So hopefully no harm to the engine.

Takeway from this, carry a toolkit, spare fan belt, & a flashlight!!!!!


Kyle Storm

1964 Corvair Monza/110hp/4 Speed
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Re: Fan Belt Fun

Post by erco »

Glad your story ended happily! Most Corvair owners have roadside repair stories, some happier than others.

Yes to carrying a toolkit, spare fan belt, & a flashlight at all times in an older car. SEVERAL lights (also reflectors), they are cheap these days. Even those Harbor Freight freebie\ lights are useful in an emergency. I just bought this cordless rechargeable work light for $10 at WM. Super bright and useful, would be a great thing to have in the car. Hanging hook and several magnets to hold in place. ... /254964491

I just got the emergency flashers working on my '67. They never worked in the 40 years I've owned the car.

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Re: Fan Belt Fun

Post by terribleted »

Yeah, take lots of spares. Do not worry if you have a spare that item will almost never fail it will be something else instead. At least that has been my experience:)
Corvair guy since 1982. I have personally restored at least 20 Vairs, many of them restored ground up.
Currently working full time repairing Corvairs and restoring old cars.

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