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Has anyone seen these floor mats before? I picked this up when visiting the Corvair Ranch & love it in my 64 Coupe.

I'm guessing this is just some off brand copy of a GM floor mat.

Figured I share the box & mat!


Kyle Storm

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Re: Cor-Mat?

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Nice, it looks good after 55+ years in the box.
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Re: Cor-Mat?

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Top 10 Best Car Floor Mats and Why You Need Them
Car floor mats are the best way to protect your car's carpets. There's one for every budget and need.
By Jason Siu Apr 01, 2020

:link: ... -need-them
Everything You Need to Know About Car Floor Mats
Every season tracks all sorts of messes into your car, whether it’s rain in the spring or snow in the winter. Then there’s always the issue of drink spills and food crumbs, especially if you have kids in tow. So the main question is, are your floor mats capable of getting the job done of keeping your car’s carpets clean? Cleaning your car’s carpet is no easy task, and it becomes even harder if you have cheap or poorly fitting floor mats installed. Even worse, poor floor mats can slide around and get in the way of your pedals while you’re driving, potentially causing an accident.

This is why good quality floor mats are important, since the best floor mats are designed to stay in place while protecting your car’s carpets from all sorts of dirt, debris, grime, and more. As you may be able to tell, there is a huge variety of options for car floor mats and no matter your driving style or the weather conditions you endure, there’s likely a set designed for you and your vehicle. If not, some companies offer completely customized mats so you can get a set that fits your vehicle perfectly

What Features to Look for in a Floor Mat?
In addition to style and fitment, there are a few more features you’ll want to pay attention to when shopping for floor mats.

Rims and Ridges:

You’ll want to pay attention to the rims and ridges on certain floor mats, picking one that has high edges around the complete mat. Those edges will help prevent any sort of liquids from seeping into the carpet. In addition, some floor mats feature high grooves and ridges that are engineered to channel water from the backside of the pedals and away from your feet, into the catch basin.

Under the mat:

Often overlooked is the bottom of the floor mat. It’s important to check a specific floor mat’s locking system, to make sure it restricts the mat from sliding around and getting in the way of your driving. Ideally, the floor mat has a hook to lock it in place.


It may be a minor aspect, but thicker floor mats can absorb more liquids and are more comfortable on your feet. But if you’re shopping for plastic or rubber mats, look for products with deep grooves that will keep your carpets clean.

How to Clean Your Car's Floor Rubber Mats
1. Whack or shake the mats to remove dust. It will shake out and break some of the muck that is ingrained in the cloth or rubber floor mats. Of course, you should do it outside. Give the mat a few whacks against a hard surface. This technique works for cloth and rubber mats. You may need a scraper to get rid of unyielding materials from the mat before cleaning it.

2. Drench the mat generously with water. You can use an electric pressure washer, but it is not necessary. You can always use a standard water hose.

3. Get your preferred eco-friendly, granule-based laundry detergent and spread it onto the total area of the mat. We recommend using eco-friendly detergent because the soapy water will be going down the curb and right into your favorite creek. You do not have to use the whole packet. Just use your common sense and sprinkle enough to cover most of the floor mat.

4. Scrub rigorously with a push broom. Also, for added control, put one foot on the edge of the mat to prevent it from moving. Brush in multiple directions to agitate all the stubborn contaminants from all the angles. If you do not have a push broom or a stiff brush, take your shoes and socks off. No, we don’t want you to run away from your problems, we just want you to scrub with your bare feet. Just be careful not to slip off the mat, and make sure not to rub your feet up against any hard, abrasive surface. Also, you’ll have the cleanest feet in your neighborhood.

5. Exhaustively rinse off the soap by starting on one corner of the mat and gradually pushing the soap across the mat. Repeat the process until all the soapy content runs clear.

6. Repeat the steps narrated above for the rest of your car floor mats.

How to Clean Cloth Floor Mats
If you have cloth floor mats, there are several ways to clean them depending on how dirty or stained they are.

Use Baking Soda

Rub baking soda rigorously onto the floor mats to remove stains and neutralize food, pet, and other unwanted odor from your mats.
You can also put some baking soda and water on a stiff scrub brush to give the mats a thorough cleaning.
Using Shampoo and Detergent Powder

You can use a stiff brush and a blend of shampoo and washing powder (two tablespoons each) to scour your mats clean.
You can also use a deck scrubber brush or a tightly-bristled hand brush to scrub and clean any grime from the mat.
Make sure to wash any soap off with clean water.
Using Carpet Cleaners

There is a variety of carpet cleaners available in the market that you can use to clean your floor mats.
Most upholstery or carpet cleaners can be sprayed on and left to be absorbed by the mat.
Use a hand brush to spread and scrub the cleaner into the mat.
You can also make yourself a cleaner by mixing a bottle of white vinegar and a bottle of hot water to spray onto the mats, followed by a good scrubbing.
The vinegar and water mixture is especially effective in getting rid of salt stains.
If you’re having to get rid of chewing gum on your floor mats, try a mix of peanut butter and salt on it before scrubbing.
Using A Steam Cleaning Vacuum

Much like your home carpet, you can use a power washer or steam cleaning vacuum to thorough clean your floor mats.
If you don’t have access to a power washer, you can always use one at a proper car wash.
Using the Washing Machine

If your floor mats can be machined washed, you can always simply toss them into a washing machine with standard detergent. It is recommended to use a stain remover first if you have any stains that need to be removed.
Vacuum Dry

Once your mats have been cleaned, make sure you vacuum them again to dry up any remaining water and dirt particles.
If you’re using a car vacuum, make sure it’s a wet/dry vacuum so it doesn’t get damaged in the process.
Air Dry or Use a Dryer

It’s extremely important that your floor mats are completely dried by using a dryer, vacuum, or by hanging, before they’re reinstalled into your vehicle.
A wet floor mat in your vehicle can leave a musky, damp, and unpleasant smell.
If you want, you can sprinkle some fresh scent on the floor mats prior to drying, giving them a fresh smell.
If you’re using a dryer to dry your floor mat, make sure any excessive fur on the mats has been removed
These are still my favorite exotic/classic floor mats (see the Jay Leno video below)...
Image :link:
Many other styles also available — See Website

Coco Floor Mats.jpg
Left Click (once or twice) to enlarge Reviewed by Jay Leno •Jun 11, 2015
Brad Bodie
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