correct VIN ?

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correct VIN ?

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I have a 69 Corvair bought in 2012, Insurance just sent me a note saying the VIN is wrong. AS read through the windshield on dash, it is correct. In researching, the 5th and 6th number in VIN on a 69 is supposed to be the year made. Mine is reading 79 as the fifth and sixth number. It is very clear that the number is definitely a 7. Anyone know anything about that??

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Re: correct VIN ?

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VIN - LM Corvair Passenger Car VIN Tag Decoding.jpg
VIN - LM Corvair Passenger Car VIN Tag Decoding.jpg (58.26 KiB) Viewed 341 times
No, I think it's correct. Let me steal Bbodie52's post from the other Newbie thread on here..... ::-):

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Re: correct VIN ?

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Only one digit indicates the year and that is the 6th position. You have a "9" there. Nothing wrong with that.

Position 4 and 5 go together and indicate if you have a 2-door coupe "37" or a 2-door convertible "67".
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