How Long Will A 65 Corvair Last

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How Long Will A 65 Corvair Last

Post by lalkie »

I have a 65 Corsa with an odometer reading of 77,000 when it quit working. The Compression runs from 95 to 110 the vacuum gauge vacillates from about 6 pounds to 14 pounds. Engine number TO421RB. It was running pretty smooth when it started making a noise when I start it. I thought it was a broken starter cone but that seems fine. It may be a bad flywheel. Did these motors run about 75,000 miles and then start to break down. I have replaced the the rear axle bearings and was told they generally start giving trouble about 75,000. I have not pulled the engine yet as I am getting ready to put a 110 engine in it that has good compression and steady vacuum. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks Larry

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Re: How Long Will A 65 Corvair Last

Post by SyntheticBlnkerFluid »

I mean, you are talking about a 53 year old car. Just old age and sitting around can cause it to deteriorate mechanically. Realistically, cars didn’t last much past 60k-70k miles back then. They were just considered junk afterwards.

Now that’s not to say there aren’t cars that probably went past that without any major issues, but for the majority, it’s common for an engine to fail around that time.

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Re: How Long Will A 65 Corvair Last

Post by Flying_Dan »

Any aircooled engine should last 150k + miles if cared for. I wouldn't put too much stock in compression readings. Get a good diff gauge for a proper leakdown test. Those tell a much better story.

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Re: How Long Will A 65 Corvair Last

Post by CorvairCon65 »

Mine did about 127k miles before it went kaput.

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Re: How Long Will A 65 Corvair Last

Post by 66vairguy »

I know one fellow who has almost 300,000 miles on an old FC. HOWEVER he has replaced all the suspension parts twice, numerous engines and transmissions installed, etc. About the only thing original is the steel body and seat frame.

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Re: How Long Will A 65 Corvair Last

Post by azdave »

It is a great generalization on my part but I think a well maintained Corvair engine in its day could be could be counted on to go 80-100K miles with no major issues, especially the lower powered 95 and 110 Powerglide combos that probably did not see redline revs very often.
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Re: How Long Will A 65 Corvair Last

Post by toytron »

Proper maintenance is key. My father had a Vega that lasted 145,000 miles before I yanked the engine and put a v6 in it and it wasn't burning oil. He was very consistent in changing the oil regularly along with everything else when it was due.

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Re: How Long Will A 65 Corvair Last

Post by wbabst »

To answer your question, how long a car or an engine will last depends on how well it is taken care of. I would disagree with anyone that says older vehicles were disposable at 50-75K, especially when so many survived well past that. Older cars are as reliable as the maintenance performed, which is most definitely MORE than new cars of today. I drive my older vehicles daily, in fact I have put almost 10 k on my Lakewood since February, but I spend time every weekend making sure little things are taken care of. There in lies the rub, when you by an older vehicle you know it was maintained well enough to get it to this date, but without good records you don't know everything. An engine sitting for a long time will have lower compression readings, act like you are breaking it in again, and check later. Don't give up on the engine yet, but maybe with a little TLC you will get some more years out of it.
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Re: How Long Will A 65 Corvair Last

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I purchased one new in March of 1965. Still runs good. (done lots and lots of maintenance)
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Re: How Long Will A 65 Corvair Last

Post by skipvair »

I put a set of unneeded rings in a 140 at 100 k. Had a seat fixed on a head at 150k. A friend bought it and put another 150 k on it without rebuild or problems.

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