Corvair 1965 Monza?/Corsa? Turbo Convertible

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Corvair 1965 Monza?/Corsa? Turbo Convertible

Unread post by bmuno » Fri Dec 01, 2017 11:04 pm

I have recently acquired my first Corvair. It is a 1965 Corvair convertible that started it's life as a Monza with a PG. It has not been registered since 1995 and when I bought it three weeks ago it had been upgraded to a Corsa Turbo w/4sp. As far as I can tell only the engine deck emblem still needs to be changed to complete the Corsa trim upgrade. (I still need to get all the gauges working.)

My question is, what should I call it when posting on the forum? Should I call it a "Corsa", a "Corsa Clone", or "????". Does the Corvair community have any strong feelings on this issue?

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1965 Corvair Monza?/Corsa? Convertible.

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Re: Corvair 1965 Monza?/Corsa? Turbo Convertible

Unread post by Apittslife » Sat Dec 02, 2017 1:55 pm

I personally would call it " My Corvair".

I use to have a 64 pontiac catalina, that was built to suit me, with the parts of several others cars. when people would point out the fact that this or that didnt, come or belong on my car. I would tell them to keep walking, Its " My Car " & and I am not claiming it to be anything more then what it is.
Wish I still had that car, I put alot of tyme into her, & she gave me alot of enjoyment!

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