'65 Monza will not restart once engine is hot

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Shane Monza 65
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'65 Monza will not restart once engine is hot

Unread post by Shane Monza 65 » Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:14 am

I've been having this problem just this year with my '65 Monza purchased in '14. I had the car tuned up this past summer, a new battery put in, and with a cold engine, it starts up immediately and the car runs smoothly. But after I've driven for a brief while and the engine heats up (and it heats up quickly)—if I then kill the engine, it will not restart until the engine has completely cooled down, which takes several hours minimum (even in cooler temps—today's test was at around 60 degrees).

With the car off but with a hot engine—when I turn the key, it cranks very slowly and so I stop before draining the battery. The engine has to completely cool down before I can successfully start again. Any thoughts / advice? Starter overheating? Loose ground on the solenoid? Thanks

Jerry Whitt
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Re: '65 Monza will not restart once engine is hot

Unread post by Jerry Whitt » Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:01 pm

Slow cranking is caused by several items

1. Low battery voltage. The battery has 6 cells, each produce 2.2 volts. The initial battery voltage should be 13.2 volts. (12.6-12.7 common)
2. Poor ground circuit. Use a volt meter to test. Hook positive lead to engine block. Hook negative lead to negative stud on the battery, not the clamp.Put volt meter in 2 volt scale. Have other person turn key to crank position. (test is called most positive to least positive test) During crank test, reading should be .2 or .3 volts. If reading is higher than .3 volts, you are on right track.
3. Poor positive circuit. Use a volt meter to test. Set scale to 2 volts. Place positive probe on positive terminal, not the clamp. Place negative terminal on the stud on the starter. Have helper crank the engine. During cranking, the reading should be .2 or .3 volts. If higher, you have
come to the problem area.

Let us know your test results. We can then advise further.
Jerry Whitt
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