Replacement Fuse Panels: FC & 67-9 versions ready to go!

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Replacement Fuse Panels: FC & 67-9 versions ready to go!

Unread post by cnicol » Wed Sep 20, 2017 4:54 pm

Over the last few weeks, I've been working on instructions and installation kits for FC and '67-9 models. They're done and ready to go!

I might mention: EM, FC, and 65-66 use the same basic panel but they all have different configurations and wiring. The '67-9 has a different panel altogether even though it's in the same location as the '65-6. Notably, it's the only model that has any connections to the key's ignition circuit.

Below: Photos of the board, and board installation to FC and '67-9 model harnesses. Each kit includes pre-cut wires that provide installations identical to what's shown without the need for additional "artistry"B)-

If you're interested or would like additional information, please email me, Craig Nicol, at or PM hear on Corvair Forum! Thanks!
FC installation:
'67-9 installation
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