Where to buy rims?

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Re: Where to buy rims?

Unread post by Francesco » Sun Jul 19, 2015 9:09 pm

I am still in your boat now. I was concerned about the bigger + wider wheels + steelies and decided against rally wheels. I eventually narrowed it down to minilites or daisy mags. Unable to find the backspacing I wanted, I now plan on ordering a new set of minilite wheels made from minilite themselves. They're made in England, not China, and seem to still be of great quality, although I'll spend a lot more than 50 bucks a wheel! I don't know if you're worried about backspacing, but with a 205/60/15 on a 15x7 rim, a backspacing of 4.5 would be perfect, and if you convert to discs, supposedly a 4.5 is still good (disc conversion subtracts 3/8-1/4 an inch of backspacing.) And in the rear with a 225/55(?)/15 on a 15x8, I would need 5 inches of backspacing. I decided against 16, which has infinitely more tire options, and went for the 15s. The main tire in 15s is the BFG radials made for old cars, which seems to be a good tire. There are also a couple auto cross tires in a few wierd sizes (235s, 245s), so for me a 15 inch rim is still plenty viable. But it's mostly up to personal decision. I would search craigslist, as there's a set of rally wheels in 15s with the rings and centers near me for only 300 with tires.
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Re: Where to buy rims?

Unread post by Huntsman » Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:17 pm

I am in the Philippines and I want to buy these rims for my Toyota Wigo 2017 and needs to be 14" four lug
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Re: Where to buy rims?

Unread post by 66corsaguy » Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:29 pm

gpracer89 wrote:I had no problem finding 15" tires. There are still alot of choices, at least around here. The only thing a little tough is matching up different sizes for front & rear. I bought cheapie Fusion Touring tires, 205 60 15 & 225 60 15.

BF Goodrich Radial TA's are still a popular choice in 15" & will remain so because of all the musclecars. Rick Norris up the street from me put 205's & 235's TA's on his LM Vert. I do have to agree that 15"s will start drying up, but IMHO is not a concern right now.

I also seriously considered 16" 'cause they seem the best compromise on ride, but wheel avaliabilty is slim. I was concerned about the ride quality going to 17''s . The bigger you go on the wheel, the more sidewall you lose. The 17" are a big step from the original 13"

I have a nice set of early 14" Rally wheels for sale off my LM. I had no problem finding some 205 70 14 tires for them.

Curious if you lose side wall that affects what? Aesthetic or more than that? Thanks.

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