FYI - non CORSA member club fees.

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FYI - non CORSA member club fees.

Unread post by Scott Howey » Sun Oct 09, 2011 4:08 pm

Corsa has instituted a new chapter plan which includes a $3.00 annual fee for each non-corsa member of a CORSA sanctioned club. That means the when a CORSA chapter files their report they must pay a fee of $3.00 per non-corsa member... 10 non corsa members in your club = your club pays $30.00 to Corsa on their behalf.

Here is the text from CORSA.

New chapter plan policy

For years we have had a Chapter plan outlining what a chapter needed to do to become and stay a CORSA chapter. Part of the policy to stay a chapter is to provide a current list of the
chapter's officers, the name and address of the chapter's CORSA contact and
a list of all the chapter’s members and their addresses, CORSA and non-CORSA
members alike. The policy to remain a chapter is going to stay the same with
the exception of including the name of the chapter’s newsletter and a current
website address of the chapter if applicable, plus the addition of a $3 fee for each non-CORSA member. As always there will be no fee for chapters that are made up of 100% CORSA members. The members of the board will try to contact all the chapters in the next few months to make sure the
chapter is active and alert them to the new policy.
The most important reason for the change is to have every CORSA chapter member pay their portion of CORSA’s $1,000,000 umbrella policy. Contrary to popular belief the insurance does not cover individual members or their cars. It does however protect CORSA, all CORSA sanctioned chapters and the venues where they hold meetings or events at. In other words, every meeting or event that your chapter holds, and every home owner, business or race track where you have meetings or moving events at, is protected from legal action. In this day and age that is very important! CORSA members already pay their portion of the insurance fee as part of their yearly CORSA dues. The $3 yearly fee paid by each chapter’s non-CORSA members will help cover their portion of CORSA's liability umbrella policy that protects their chartered CORSA chapter from legal action. It will also help pay for the small fee that CORSA will incur for administration of the chapter report. This fee also puts an end to the old argument that non-CORSA members don't pay their portion of expenses. Of course CORSA would like chapters to continue promoting the benefits of being a CORSA member, but CORSA and the board members realize times are tough and we feel this is the best compromise for everyone.
The chartered CORSA chapter can add the $3 fee to each non-CORSA member’s chapter dues
or pay it out of the chapter’s general fund. It is totally up to the chapter
how to raise the money. The total monies collected for the non-CORSA members and the chapter report will be due to the CORSA Secretary by March 1st of 2012 and every March 1st thereafter. If the report
and fees are not received by March 1st a reminder notice will be sent and a one month grace period will be granted for the chapter to send the required information and fees in. If the requirements are not fulfilled after the one month grace period, the chapter will be removed as a chartered CORSA chapter and lose their insurance coverage until the requirements to remain a chartered CORSA chapter are fulfilled. The CORSA board would like to thank-you for your compliance with this policy and your continued support of your CORSA organization!

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