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Support Corvairs Locally, Internationally and Online

Unread post by SteveInMarietta » Tue Jan 16, 2018 11:34 pm

Below is an image of the interactive Chapter locator on the Corsa website.
You can follow this link to the interactive map on the Corsa web site ... =9&reset=1 - it's a great way to find the closest regional group of Corvair enthusiasts.

Are you a member? Maybe now’s the time to join? It’s a great way to meet lots of local Corvair enthusiasts, participate in local shows and swap meets, and find friends willing to lend elbow grease to your project (and maybe even some lithium grease). Chapter newsletters are chuck full of feature stories, convention reports, local classified, and, along with CORSA Communique back issues, form the single largest archive of Corvair technical information. [Coming soon - a Corsa technical article search engine with almost 1500 articles indexed (so far)]

Some chapters are special interest groups, such as the ever cool Air ‘Vair group, Yenko Stinger Group (always at the head of the pack), and Corvanatics, the van-gaurd of FC fans. This link will take you to the complete chapter list ... ce=1&gid=9
with web links and contacts. There’s much in it for you, your local chapter would appreciate the support, and membership fees are a real bargain. And if you're not a Corsa member, follow this link to see the membership options and benefits ... Itemid=314

Support Corvairs Locally, Internationally and Online

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Re: Support Corvairs Locally, Internationally and Online

Unread post by Allan Lacki » Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:07 am

Hi Steve,

Thanks for posting this. I've been aware of the Chapter Locator page on the CORSA website, but I did not know it could produce such a pretty map. But now I see that there is a little hot link out on the Chapter Locator page, and the link says "» Map these contacts". Click on it, and the map appears. Very classy! ::-):

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