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Brake Lights

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One of the best mods I made to my Vair was to add a third brake light, integral to the license plate frame, and to change the non-working backup lights to working brake lights. Pics of the mods are found here - ... t=Vair.jpg

Do not know about you guys, but one cannot have enough brake lighting on older cars?

The other mod was to install gauges (oil, amps, volts and hours) in the engine bay. Yes, the engine bay. Why there? So I could see what the engine is/is not doing while I am under the hood!
Dave Yaros

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Re: Brake Lights

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I made my back-up lights into brake/tailites. They didn't flash at the right speed with the stock flasher but when I replaced it with an eletronic flasher from FLAPS it worked fine.

Yeah the Vairs can use more lighting, especially ones like my 65 with no side marker lights and no front running lights when headlights are on.

Kevin Willson
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