Shift Linkage or Tranny Problem ?

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Shift Linkage or Tranny Problem ?

Post by SixtyFiver »

On occasions, and quite frequently, when I downshift from 3rd to 2nd the Stick Shift locks up. By that I mean, the Stick Shift locks in the Neutral position and won't allow me to Shift into any Gear. After pulling safely onto the shoulder of the road, I set the hand brake, then toy with the Shifter and finally after several attempts, I can shift into 1st Gear and proceed. Luckily, this has not happened in traffic. I would like to know if anyone has experienced this problem.

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Re: Shift Linkage or Tranny Problem ?

Post by azdave »

I don't think the shift linkage could lock up like that but never heard of the issue myself. Could be way out of adjustment I guess. Have you given it a good visual inspection underneath at the shift coupler? You might want to lay a phone on the ground underneath and shoot some video while you shift it though the gears to watch for binding or such.
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Re: Shift Linkage or Tranny Problem ?

Post by 61SuperMonza »

It is difficult to assess the the problem with such limited information. What trans are you running, is it an EM or LM, when downshifting are the gears grinding, has a quick shift kit been installed? I have never had a shifter lock up before.
As mentioned above, I would first check the shifter and coupler for damage or improper adjustment. If the car has a quick shift installed the proper adjustment becomes very critical for proper opperation. Refer to the shop manual for proper adjustment. It is also possible the pins in the shifter housing are worn or damaged. This can usually be fixed by removing the pins from the base and reinstalling them with the worn side into the base leaving the unworn section out (hope that makes sense).
First step remove the tunnel pan and check for binding as mentioned above.
In short, it's most likely a linkage,coupler, or shifter base issue. Let us know what you find.
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