Connecting rods

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Connecting rods

Post by monzadon »

I had to get two new pistons and had a machine shop.put them on the rods the problem is they didn't put them on in the right direction, can i turn them around when i put them in my motor? I know the. Stamped number on the opposite of what the factory does, would this be a problem or should I just take them back to the machine shop and have them done right?

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Re: Connecting rods

Post by erco »

If it's a machine shop error, it's up to them to redo it properly for free. IMO they should refund a bit (or give you credit) for messing up and making you come back. Just be pleasant about pointing out the error. In my younger, more foolish days I pulled a Kyle and chewed out a shop loudly for screwing up my 140 heads. Word got out and two nearby machine shops refused to work on them. "We heard about you and these heads..."

Now I smile and politely point out the error(s). :)

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Re: Connecting rods

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the rods can be installed with the stamped number down and it won't be a problem. you want the notch on the piston correctly oriented toward the bellhousing

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Re: Connecting rods

Post by 66vairguy »

If you didn't tell the machine shop how to orientate the rod numbers to the piston mark it's not their fault.

If you did properly instruct them, then you risk the pistons being damaged by pressing out the wrist pins and re-installing them. The only issue with the numbers facing the wrong way may be the bearing tang position, but some say the position varied even from the factory. This issue comes up every so often and so far nobody has found any issues with the rod numbers not being orientated as from the factory. The piston orientation IS critical.

A buddy makes "art" from old engine parts and the machine shops always tell him 'We can't guarantee the piston won't be damaged when we press out the wrist pin since you can't heat the rod separately so it's a COLD press that puts a lot stress on the piston.

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