removing harmonic balancer

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removing harmonic balancer

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Trying to remove harmonic balancer on a '66 Corsa. Bought Clark's small puller (C11539) so that I would not have to drop the engine for access. What is the trick to trapping the balancer so that it does not turn when I'm trying to loosen the center bolt holding the balancer to the crankshaft. There must be a "trick" that one of you gearheads have used. Please share.

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Re: removing harmonic balancer

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If you have a 3 or 4 speed just put it in gear.
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Re: removing harmonic balancer

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Using a hammer to smack the end of the 3/4" box end wrench you are using to try to remove the bolt might help. On a stick shift car in gear like said above. On an automatic you might be able to have a helper hold on the starter ring gear with a prybar (be careful not to tear up teeth),
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