Right side not firing

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Right side not firing

Post by stevevancour »

I have a 64 Monza. today after the car had been running awhile I happened to feel the exhaust. The left side (2,4,6) was hot but the right side was cool. I removed the plug wire to #5 cylinder and no change in power. Removing #6’s wire and there was a definite power loss. I then removed each spark plug on the right side and confirmed that each plug is sparking.
With the engine running I sprayed starting ether into the right carb and there was a definite momentary increase in power. Looking in the carb I could see a weak spray from the accelerator pump. The car had been sitting for almost two years. After a tune up it fires up but stalls. the chokes don’t seem to be working.

Any thoughts, thanks, Steve

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Re: Right side not firing

Post by erco »

Sures sounds like the right carb isn't working. If it sat for long, any number of things could be wrong. Weak acc pump spray could mean low gas level in the float bowl. Float stuck up? Fuel filter clogged? Main jet or venturi cluster clogged with debris or dry gas varnish?

I got a smoking deal on a '60 coupe ~30 years ago on Mulholland Drive in Hollywood. Car ran like crap, I knew instantly one carb was bad. Seller liked Corvairs but he wasn't a mechanic. This was the last straw after several repairs, he just wanted to sell it. I came back later to buy the car for $300. I was so confident that a buddy just dropped me off with my tools and a carb kit, 30 miles from home. I paid the guy first and he signed over the title to me before I worked on it, I anticipated seller's remorse. After an hour or so, I had the car purring and drove it home. Really neat little car, it was my second Corvair for several years.

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