65 convertible

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65 convertible

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What are the best low cost flow thru mufflers for my 65 monza with the 140 motor

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Re: 65 convertible

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Re: Exhaust Options
Post by bbodie52 » Fri May 05, 2017 9:01 am

Here is some past material I had posted on this exhausting subject. More "food for thought" with regard to Corvair exhaust systems...
:think: If you want tubular headers and mufflers for use in a car and on the street, Clark's Corvair Parts sells them. They require cutting the lower engine shrouds or removal of the lower sheet metal, but will fit within the confines of the Corvair body.

Good options for the street are also covered below. A review with good comments about all three possibilities can be found at the bottom.

:omgosh: :assault: :assault: Tubular Headers
:link: http://www.corvair.com/user-cgi/catalog ... IN&page=38

:eek: :assault: :assault: Trombone-Style Exhaust Extractors
:link: http://www.corvair.com/user-cgi/catalog ... IN&page=37

:tongue: :assault: :assault: Standard Dual Exhaust
:link: http://www.corvair.com/user-cgi/catalog ... IN&page=35

For a fair assessment and evaluation of the different exhaust system options for use in a Corvair, from a stock dual configuration to the trombone-style mufflers to full tubular headers, see the comments below...
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I have personally used the Ultimate exhaust, both type of exhaust extractors, and stock dual, and single systems.

The Ultimate exhaust header system is loud to me even with the baffles installed. The drone at certain speeds can be annoying and can be unpleasant for extended operation. Cutting or removing the lower shrouds can cause the windshield defroster to fog the windshield due to the extra moisture let in to the manifold area (not a problem until you need the windshield defogged on a warm rainy day). For best longevity I recommend ceramic coating the system prior to installation. I would not use these again myself except on a race car. (very slight performance difference noted from stock dual exhaust with a basically stock motor).

The Exhaust Extractor systems and pretty nice all in all. The large tip one is loud. I got tired of this after a while and ultimately replaced it with the straight small tip version. I really like the note of these and they are not so loud as to be annoying. This system is not without its issues however. The pipes must be bracketed to the engine or engine sheet metal near the front ahead of the first muffler as well as at the rear on both sides or drooping will likely occur. The connection at the manifold even though it seems very strong will allow the system to rotate and droop without help. Another issue is that the welded bracket that holds the extractor pipes parallel to each other in roughly the center bottom of each extractor is prone to coming loose after a period of time. I have re-welded a number of both small tip and large tip systems for this issue. The final issue is a small one. On the small systems I have installed the pipes do not stick out from under the rear grille the same amount on both sides, one side is shorter. (it is somewhat normal that they may not be spaced right to left evenly when viewed from the rear). These also should be ceramic coated for durability. No noted performance gain compared to stock duals but sounds and looks cooler.

The replacement stock type systems from Clark's are excellent. When installed with new brackets and hardware these are the most durable exhausts I have used on a Vair. No trouble or maintenance for 30,000 miles or more over 4+ years, something I can not say about the above systems based on my use of them. The complete dual system they sell with the larger tips is my choice in these. Ceramic coating not really needed for good durability but it will keep them looking good and stave off rust longer. I think there is a slight performance gain going to a dual exhaust system from a single.

Corvair guy since 1982. I have personally restored at least 20 Vairs, many of them restored ground up. See my work or contact me at: https://www.facebook.com/tedsautorestoration

:link: http://corvaircenter.com/phorum/read.ph ... 249,513497
Dual Exhaust with Crossover Pipe.jpg
I remembered this from a December 2012 thread...

:link: http://www.corvairforum.com/forum/viewt ... ust#p33169
MonzaDave (Dave Keillor) wrote:Image

Brad Bodie wrote: :goodpost: :ty:

Thank you for the update. Looks like beautiful work! Please keep us posted on your progress!

I had never seen a crossover balance tube exhaust setup like that before. Is that a commercial product or your own design?
MonzaDave (Dave Keillor) wrote:The exhaust is a "Big Dual" from Matt Nall that's no longer in production. It's 2-1/2" and the mufflers are Hedman turbos.
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