140 Air Filter Reco?

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140 Air Filter Reco?

Post by erco »

My 140's chrome air cleaner top is rusty & grody. Can paint or rechrome (big $$) to keep the stock look, but I always thought those two tiny snorkels on the stock air cleaner were restrictive. I like the crossover tube and want to keep it, I'm considering changing to an all-around open air filter like an Edelbrock 1208 (pic) for better breathing and looks. Will have to make an adapter plate to the crossover tube. Any thoughts?
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Re: 140 Air Filter Reco?

Post by 61SuperMonza »

I have seen an open element filter run on other 140s. It looks nice and should flow better. It would be easy to adapt it, just make sure the model # filter assembly has a provision for PCV system. It wouldn't be very difficult to fabricate a port in the base plate for the system either. If it were me I would just clean,sand,and repaint the whole assembly. You could do that for about 20 bucks and a few hours.

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Re: 140 Air Filter Reco?

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:pray: :not worthy: I suppose we must have faith in the GM engineers when they calculated the expected air volume that could pass through the 110 hp 2-carburetor, single exhaust engine vs. the 4 carburetor, dual exhaust (with larger exhaust manifold ports), and they blessed the 140 hp engine with more air cleaner snorkels. I also assume that the air cleaner canister is designed to keep the paper air filter element dry. Exposed air cleaner elements (as with custom chrome air filter units) are more subject to physical damage, and must be covered or removed when cleaning the engine.

Used Chrome air cleaner covers are available at Clark's...

:link: http://www.corvair.com/user-cgi/catalog ... w_page=352


Weight: 1 lbs 0 oz
Catalog Page(s): 352(18),U-11(18)(RM19)

Price: $ 38.00

:dontknow: And possibly at the Corvair Ranch...

If you need a good used parts source... you might contact the Corvair Ranch in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. They know a lot about parts substitutions, have a large inventory of used Corvair parts and may be able to help you. Recommend you give them a call to discuss your needs...

:link: http://www.corvairranch.com/

1079 Bon-Ox Road, ​Gettysburg, ​PA. 17325 USA
​Phone: 717-624-2805

fax us by the same number... ask us to hook up the machine

Email: findit@theranch.today

Our hours are Monday thru Friday 9 to 5, Saturday 9 to 12 or contact us for an appointment.



Found one on eBay, like yours, but they want $199 plus $24.10 shipping!
Vintage 1960's Chevrolet Corvair Air Intake Dual Snorkel Air filter cleaner
:link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1960s- ... SwxM1dUyLf
eBay item number:303252410501
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