Do All Corvair transaxles leak

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Do All Corvair transaxles leak

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I've been looking for a Corvair for several months, seeing about five different 1963-1964 models, and they all had transaxle leaks. Is this the norm? Do owners just regularly feed their cars fluids to replenish constant leaks?
I just love their style so much and the sound, hoping I can find one that is manageable.
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Re: Do All Corvair transaxles leak

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It takes very little seepage to look like a bad leak when gear oil is involved. No they do not all leak, but, it is not uncommon and many have never been resealed. Most common leaks are at the axle output seals or the side adjuster seals or the shift selector shaft seal on the front of the manual transmissions. All these seals are easily changed with the transaxle in the car. Another unfortunately common place is the input shaft seal at the rear of the differential. This one is easy to change once the powertrain is out of the car and separated:/
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