140 Carbs and Linkages

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Re: 140 Carbs and Linkages

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erco wrote:
Fri Jun 26, 2020 10:07 am
Thanks 66. Not active in the club yet, but I've met several guys, including Chuck Rust. I get parts from Mike of Mike's Corvair Parts. I'll join once I get this sled running and it's "safe to congregate" again, if that ever happens.

I've also considered making the secondaries solenoid or servo actuated. Needs to be foolproof though, that's mission critical stuff!
I know Chuck R. A great guy and he has a Crown V8 he's upgrading. Like a lot of clubs SCC is avoiding social get-togethers this year.
I've got TWO 140HP cars and with the help of folks like Steve Goodman in Colorado, reading articles, and just figuring out problems I've gotten reasonably good making the 140HP run well. Driving the Corvair requires old school intelligence for proper carburetor usage. I worked with Roger Parent to get his early 65 linkage kit to fit my 66 carburetor tops, but the lockout linkage is just there for looks - it's disabled. So far it works great. One thing I like about old cars is the idiosyncrasies you have to master to drive them well, and that's part of the fun for me.

While I'm not that active in the SCC club, I do help out members with electrical issues when I'm able since that's my specialty. Dan Drommerhausen is the transaxle specialist.

I'd suggest getting Bob Helt's Rochester book and figure out what carburetors you have. From there changes can be made to improve operation. Are you a mechanical or electrical engineer? Maybe next year the club will get back to being more active. Good luck with your car.

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Re: 140 Carbs and Linkages

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I already have Bob's carb book, so I'll be digging into it soon. I'm not an ME or EE, but have extensive experience working on Corvairs years back. I've also been restoring motorcycles and rebuilding DOHC engines for years. That being said, I still have plenty to learn, so I expect to encounter a few hurdles during the restoration process of this little gem. It's all part of the adventure.
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