Rear End Swap

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Rear End Swap

Post by Civil »

Do any of you have experience swapping the rear end on the 1964 Corvair? Specifically, from the C6 Corvette? What does the swap entail? Are there guides on how to do this?

If the Corvair transaxle does not fit, that is OK. Mostly interested in how to attach the C6 Corvette rear end onto the Corvair chassis.


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Re: Rear End Swap

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Contact the Corvair V8 mid engine group.

It would be quite a "project". Old car dictionary says a "Project" is something rarely finished due to excessive requirements for time, money, knowledge.

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Re: Rear End Swap

Post by erco »

Save yourself the headache and just buy a Corvette. Or "settle" for a LM with IRS.

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