Charging issue 1965 Corsa 110hp

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Charging issue 1965 Corsa 110hp

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Hi Everyone,

One drunk night, I left my car ignition on throughout the night. Next morning my battery was completely drained. I charged the battery with an external charger but once the car started the gen-fan light stays on. I’ve used a voltage meter to check and see if the battery is charging with car running but it stayed at 11.6 to 12v. Didn’t move at all. I thought my regulator was the problem as all by plugs from the regulator to the alternator was corroded.So I switched the plugs and solder them. Bought new regulator and I am still having a charging issue. The only problem is when I bypassed the regulator plug by sticking a paper clip to both ends of the plug, the battery was charging fine with the car on. I am totally confused and frustrated with the problem. This is my first corvair and I am a total beginner when it comes to these cars. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

What are the typical electrical problems with this year and model?


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Re: Charging issue 1965 Corsa 110hp

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If you bypass the regulator and it charges then your new regulator is bad. New parts are often bad I've found. I went through 6 cam sensors on my International before I got a good one. Buy another running Corvair and then you'll have know good parts to test with. I like to do that with any of my vehicles. Makes life easier.
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Re: Charging issue 1965 Corsa 110hp

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A failed new part is fairly common.
Good luck!

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