Replacing engine fan bearing question

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Replacing engine fan bearing question

Post by rustbelt »

Replacing the fan bearing on my 1965 110. I purchased the already attached fan bearing & case cover combo from Clark's, and am down to where I've removed the 4 screws going into the pulley. I've managed to remove everything else (carbs, shroud cover etc), up till now.
Do I remove the fan using a puller?
I've read in my research that the fan itself should lift off once the pulley is removed, but a puller is the only way I can think of to get the pulley off.
As you can assume, I'm relatively new to doing mechanical work, and I've tried searching the forum and looking in my manuals, but can't find anything specific to my question.
Thanks for your help.

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Re: Replacing engine fan bearing question

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The pulley should just come right off after you remove the four bolts. You may have to tap it with a rubber mallet to jar it loose?

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Re: Replacing engine fan bearing question

Post by terribleted »

Once the 4 bolts are removed the pulley should come off and then the fan should come off. They get stuck sometimes. Spray with some type of break free solvent like PB blaster and as mentioned above some tapping may be needed to loosen the corrosion and crude holding it in place.
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Re: Replacing engine fan bearing question

Post by azdave »

Just went through this myself. The pulleys can get stuck on there so tight that you would think they were welded on.

Use penetrating oil and gently rock the pulley back and forth or tap gently with a soft mallet side to side as mentioned. Once you see the slightest wiggle you know you will get there but go slow and it will eventually come off.

The fan itself usually comes off easily once the pulley is out of the way. I've never had to use a puller on either and would be afraid of causing damage if I tried.
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