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New Corvair Owner

Unread post by AirCooledBreezer » Tue Sep 19, 2017 4:04 pm

A recent addition to the ranks of Corvair owners, I do have an "air-cooled" background. First car, a 1960 VW beetle, followed by two more beetles (a '68 and a '70), and then a 412 wagon (I think I've heard all the jokes!). I first drove a friend's 1964 Spyder in 1965, and was completely impressed. The impression stayed with me throughout the years, and now I have one (a '63 convertible). I was fortunate to find the Spyder in (mostly) wonderful mechanical and cosmetic condition. I'll be posting a series of questions over time, relying on the great knowledge and experience base the forum can bring to Corvair newbies like me.

Don't laugh, but here's the first of lots to come. The lubrication schedule calls for the clutch cable/pulley system under the dash to be lubed with lubriplate. Great - but what part of the system? Cable on pulleys? Pulley bearing surface (on bolt)? Cable pulley attachment to clutch pedal arm? All of the above? Part of the above?

Also, Clark's offers a "quick shifter" kit (C3943A), advertised to decrease shift lever throw and help to tighten up "sloppy" shifting. I don't think the shifting is all that "sloppy," but I like the idea of shortening the throw length. No, no speed shifting or any such in mind - just a more precise shift feel. Any thoughts or advice as to whether or not this would be a worthwhile effort?

My thanks for any answers or advice!

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Re: New Corvair Owner

Unread post by Leverone » Fri Sep 22, 2017 9:14 am

I have the Clark's quick shifter on one of mine. It does tighten things up and decreases throw noticeably, pretty nice. Just know your entire shifter Box on the floor will be taller but that is no big deal.
The issue I have with the kit is, the extension has two grub screws to cinch it onto the existing lever. No matter how you place it, this can wobble significantly. The holes are 180 degrees from each other. I didn't feel safe with all the wobble. I drilled and tapped through the extension at 90 degrees to the existing holes and then attached it with 4 grub screws and blue locative on the threads. Works great now. The kit reall should have either three threaded holes at 120 degrees or 4 like I did.

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