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Re: Telescoping Steering Wheel

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You twist the ring in the middle of the steering wheel to loosen it and then pull the steering wheel toward you or push it away. When it is where you want it tighten the ring.
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Re: Telescoping Steering Wheel

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OK phew, then I don't have the telescoping column. Thanks Joel.

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Re: Telescoping Steering Wheel

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NO the Corvair telescopic unit is NOT the same as the Corvette, but does use many of the same parts. A fellow in the Mid West used to convert the Corvair telescopic to the the Corvette style for about $5,000 EACH! (Corvette folks will pay it too and why Corvair telescopic columns tend to sell fast). Note there is a small round plastic part that fits between the horn button and locking ring - often lost, but reproduced.

Keep in mind there is an early 65 telescopic unit that required a telescopic column specific steering box due to the unique shaft length and came standard with the sport steering wheel. Seth Emerson might have an adapter to make a later steering box work.

The later 65 and 66 units were designed to work with the standard or quick steering boxes used with the non-telescopic steering wheels.

The 67 design was again different and was ALSO crash absorbing as well as adjustable. The lock ring went away and a new "safety" steering wheel was used with a lever to lock the wheel - many of the parts were used in the 67 Corvette telescopic AFAIK.

And finally - in 1966 a version for less money was sold that had a plastic painted steering wheel (the sport wheel became an option on the 66 model cars with telescopic). It has a unique horn mechanism unlike the parts used with the sport steering wheel. The steering wheel is also unique - not like the standard plastic steering wheel. This is the unit it took me six years to find in good condition - and has the least in common with Covette telescopic steering units so it's the most expensive to convert and makes them least appealing to the Corvette folks. Since most folks opted for the sport steering wheel the 66 plastic wheel tele unit is not seen very often.

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