Please Help! 63 Turbo just won't run!

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Re: Please Help! 63 Turbo just won't run!

Unread post by Swngaxl » Thu Apr 13, 2017 7:50 am

Just one more thought, could this be related to the resistor wire? Been a while since I went through that circuit, so I can't remember if it affects starting.

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Re: Please Help! 63 Turbo just won't run!

Unread post by bbodie52 » Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:58 am

The resistor wire is temporarily bypassed when the starter is engaged. As long as the starter solenoid is energized while you are cranking the engine, a full 12 VDC is fed to the coil positive terminal. The moment the key is released, the solenoid disengages and the voltage from the solenoid to the coil is discontinued. This leaves only the nominal 7 VDC feeding the coil via the resistor wire, while the key is in the ON position.

Common problems with the primary power to the coil include a faulty resistor wire in the wiring harness (between the multi-connector near the voltage regulator and the two-pin plastic connector coming from the starter solenoid).

The purpose of having the to source voltages is to temporarily boost the ignition coil spark voltage to enhance cold engine starting (while being cranked), while reducing the coil voltage during normal running, which helps the coil to run cooler and also prolongs the life of the ignition points.

NOTE: As shown below, the resistor wire is routed to the starter solenoid connector, where it is spliced to the wire leading to the coil positive terminal. On 1962 and earlier Corvairs this wire travels all the way to the coil positive terminal, and is not spliced at the solenoid connector. On the 1962 and earlier cars you will usually find two wires connected to the positive coil terminal — one wire coming from the starter solenoid (12 VDC) and the other resistor wire (7 VDC) coming from the multi-connector, which is then connected to the starter switch (in the ON position). While the two circuits are physically different, they are electrically/functionally identical.
1963 Corvair Engine Compartment Wiring (Ignition Circuit).jpg
1963 Corvair Engine Compartment Wiring (Ignition Circuit)
1962 Corvair Engine Compartment Wiring Diagram.jpg
1962 Corvair Engine Compartment Wiring Diagram
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