1960 900 Monza "CorVefe"

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1960 900 Monza "CorVefe"

Unread post by Flexo » Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:14 am

After much cleaning and work (replaced dist cap rotor, points; fuel pump; wires; plugs) i've finally got her running! oil leak on the right bank of cylinders, probably a pushrod drain tube o-ring. Does anyone have any advice for replacing those without removing the muffler? I've already replaced the valve cover gasket on both sides.

I had to fabricate the throttle linkage that connects the carbs to the cross-linkage. I used 1/8" round stock. I'm looking for proper replacement parts for those linkages. (there's a little more "slop" in the ones i made than I like) Does anyone have the proper ones for sale? Clark's doesn't have an option for me, as '60 models are pretty specific, and ones for older models can't be modified, or so they say.

I also am looking for an automatic choke mechanism that seems to be missing from my motor. I can't assemble the air cleaner without it, or i'll never be able to choke the motor for a cold start.

does anybody have a '60 parts car that they'd be willing to sell these parts to me?

thanks in advance!

John (Birmingham, AL)

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Re: 1960 900 Monza "CorVefe"

Unread post by terribleted » Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:11 am

Check with the Corvair Ranch in Gettysburg, PA for used parts that you need. Generally exhaust removal is needed to change pushrod tube O-rings as the tubs come out the outside of the head and if there is a muffler there, there is usually not enough space to get them out nicely. I would not try to remove the muffler itself. I generally remove the exhaust system ad a unit at the manifolds as that is usually easier.
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Re: 1960 900 Monza "CorVefe"

Unread post by caroseiii » Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:11 pm

John, I have the choke parts and other 1960 parts available. Send me a message.

Yes, you have to remove the muffler to replace the pushrod tube seals. Some 60s do not require the removal of the rocker stud to remove the guide plates so check your application.

Crawford Rose

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