Collecting Paint and Trim Codes in Corvanatics FC Registry

Got a Body Tag that needs decoding? Post it here.
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Collecting Paint and Trim Codes in Corvanatics FC Registry

Unread post by SteveInMarietta » Fri Oct 28, 2016 3:17 am

The Corvanatics FC Registry ... gistry.php is approaching 650 records, and if your FC (or FCs) is not currently in the list, it's easy to have it added. All you need to do is send me the VIN (on the driver's side door jamb) and the paint and trim codes (on the blue data plate located below the fuse box). No personal information is included in the listing, but many of the records also include a photo of the vehicle, which you can also send. If your FC is currently in the registry but without a picture, please feel free to send one.

The Registry is used to decode the FC paint and trim codes Exception Control Letters (ECLs) ... imECLs.php. However, certain ECLs are still undeciphered, and the codes from your FC might help to figure out what they mean. I will be happy to let you know what the codes indicate about the original outfitting of your FC.

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