Chasing Ghosts

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Chasing Ghosts

Unread post by KiltedPhoenix » Fri Apr 14, 2017 8:11 pm

So, I am still chasing ghosts. I'm trying to possibly what became of my uncles Corvairs. All I know is the info he gave me in a couple emails. I don't want them, just a curiosityImage about what happened to them. His name is Bruce Blair, he lived in Worcester MA at the time, so they may have stayed in New England.

His emails to me:

Well, no records on any of them, not even a picture.

I had a '63 Monza 4sp, white, red interior
Also a '65 Corsa 140, Dark green, which ended up with considerably more than 140HP :)

All that went away after I left Mass. , they were parked in the back yard. Last time I drove the Corsa was a winter outing to go ice racing. Standard setup was lug chains on the back with twice as many cross-links as normal, and motorcycle primary chain around the circumference of the front tires. It was sized so the tire had to be inflated into it. They were lethal when they came off !!

I think there was also a spare engine sitting on end in the old garage.

The hot setup for the Corsa was the 140 engine with the large valve 140 heads and big exhaust ports and a modified turbo setup using a large Weber sidedraft carb. The heads were modified by grinding out the compression step to lower the compression, otherwise some serious detonation would happen!

Again, no idea where all that ended up. Charlotte may know.

LOL - ask her about the time I took them to the mall in Framingham (?) and ended up blowing up the engine stoplight drag racing out on Rte 9 while they were shopping. We all ended up riding back to Worcester in the tow truck. That's when the engine got rebuilt to the big specs.

Email 2

Well, look at those pictures!

I bought the '63 off a lot in Auburn in maybe 1968, and the Corsa from a sporty-car dealer out by the old Higgins Armory. a year or so later. One of those "had to have it" things, as Corsa models were relatively rare.

I may have saved the powertrain from the Monza and sent the rest away in the early 70s, I don't remember it being as rusty as it looks in that picture. The Corsa was still there when I went to Seattle in mid-1973, so it probably went away after that, when they got tired of mowing around it. I had bought a Javelin when I went to Key West in Jan 1971 for a year, and that lasted until I went to Seattle. The rear axle puked just before I had to leave, so there was a mad scarmble to buy something else , hence my first of many Opels. Another long story!

No clubs, not even sure they existed then.

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Chasing Ghosts

Unread post by Scott Howey » Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:20 pm

I hope you find something. Pretty slim chance but hopefully someone will recall the name and/or cars. Good luck Image

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