Dual master Cylinder-

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Dual master Cylinder-

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Just installed new front disks, and a brand new dual master cylinder, break pedal has no tension whatsoever. It will not build up pressure no matter how many times you pump it. I bench bled the master cylinder, but to no avail. Calipers won't bleed, only a drop or two come out. How do I fix this?

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Re: Dual master Cylinder-

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Did you adjust the pedal rod length as suggested in the instructions? Check it. There is an adjustable rod that connects at the rear of the pedal assembly. Often this rod is too long there fore not allowing the master cylinder to return to its fully released position. This can result in incomplete or no filling of the master cylinder piston chambers and therefore no or little brake action. The rod must be short enough to allow a little play before it hits the master cylinder piston (1/8" or so is plenty) be sure the play is between the master cylinder and the rod (the pedals sometimes have some play also and it can be felt as well...if you want be double sure you can install the master with no boot on the rod making it easier to see and feel the play .... of course you will need to remove and re-install the master to both remove and later re-install the boot). Check it and adjust as necessary at the clevis and locknut. If there is play and it still does this you might have a faulty part
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