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Clark's Corvair Parts

Post by Scott H »

Proud Sponsors

The World's Largest Corvair Parts Supplier

Main Office Phone: 413.625.9776
Order Machine: 888.267.8247
Toll Free Fax: 888.625.8498
Fax: 413.625.8498

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Re: Clark's Corvair Parts

Post by miniman82 »

Way to go, I love Clark's parts dept they RULE!!! :clap:
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Re: Clark's Corvair Parts

Post by MonzaDave »

Thank you, Clark's, for sponsoring this fine forum, and thank you for being a full-service supplier to the Corvair community. Without your extensive inventory of reproduction, NOS, and used parts, the ground-up, nuts-and-bolts restoration of my '65 Monza coupe would be much more difficult and time consuming. Here are some of the things I like about dealing with Clark's:
  • Quick service
  • Email order confirmation with part numbers and descriptions. I save these confirmations so I can later search them to see if I already have ordered the part. When ordering hundreds of parts over a multi-year time frame, this has saved my from ordering duplicates a number of times.
  • Your part number on each part. If I forget what the part is for (easy to do with nuts and bolts), I can easily search the online catalog.
  • Online catalog. I much prefer the scanned print catalog to a picture of the individual part because many times the catalog has an assembly drawing that shows the part in context.
  • Excellent descriptions of parts that are "close" but not exact. You're not quite perfect, but you're 99.999% accurate
  • Your large number of excellent reproductions. I know how expensive these are and I'll gladly pay more for "ordinary" parts to keeps these coming
  • There are probably more, but these are the ones that come to mind.
Dave Keillor
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Phil Dally
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Re: Clark's Corvair Parts

Post by Phil Dally »

Best part about calling Clark's is those nice ladies that answer the phones!! :cool:
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joe moore
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corvair ranch

Post by joe moore »

I would. Also like to give a heads up to Jeff at corvair ranch nice person always their to help always gets you the right part thanks Jeff and all your people Joe moore
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Jerry Whitt
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Re: Clark's Corvair Parts

Post by Jerry Whitt »

Very professional operation. Nice people. Found some old receipts from the 90's, always been a great supplier.
Jerry Whitt
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Re: Clark's Corvair Parts

Post by flat6_musik »

Yeah, baby! Clark's is as dependable as the sun coming up!.....

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Re: Clark's Corvair Parts

Post by Freejax »

I have ordered many parts from Clarks and have yet to have even the slightest mistake or understanding. I like how thorough, knowledgeable, fast and reliable they have been on my many orders. I find Clarks and this form are true assets to the Corvair community and I really hope things never change, this has made my being new to Corvairs easy and will make it easier on any other newcomers. Thanks to all and happy building.
Freeman Edmonton Alberta
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Re: Clark's Corvair Parts

Post by Fancool »

Very nice service . Many people asked me if i have hard time finding parts for my corvair.
I answer them that i can have everyting by post in 48 hours. They are all impressed by that.

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Re: Clark's Corvair Parts

Post by 66TurboVaca »

The best parts supplier for Corvair's ever! :tu:

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Re: Clark's Corvair Parts

Post by ripper »

Disappointed to learn that USPS will no longer be used for shipments to Canada.

john p
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Re: Clark's Corvair Parts

Post by john p »

I need a 4 speed manual trans gearbox for a 1962 corvair monza convertible or a counter gear and reverse idler gear I just am learning how to use the phone can't figure out your catalogue on the net can you offer some help

john p
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Re: Clark's Corvair Parts

Post by john p »

Did you receive my message at pappajohn351@

Wagon Master
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Re: Clark's Corvair Parts

Post by Wagon Master » ... ge=USED-18

Click to this link and several pages after it. Click on the part number you desire.

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Re: Clark's Corvair Parts

Post by Rons64 »

Clark's is a great resource and a business with a terrific American history. It was nice to see them on Wheeler Dealers. I just received a box of interior pieces from Clark's and can't wait to get at it.

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Re: Clark's Corvair Parts

Post by toytron »

I loved the fact that Clark's contacted me before shipping out some carb parts for another car I was working on because I had listed my 65 corsa turbo and the carb parts were for the Rochester. They wanted to make sure I had not ordered the wrong parts.
Edwin Stevenson
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