Twin '61-63 Base Engines Coupled 12 Cylinder

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Twin '61-63 Base Engines Coupled 12 Cylinder

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The idea is too provide a Corvair equivalent of a 'big block' version.

Doubling the horsepower and torque would make a good powerplant for a long course race car.

With a mid engine homebuilt chassis and body I thing the extra length engine will fit in it fine.

Picked the base engines just to show the minimum figures for horsepower and torque.

80 hp doubled is 160.128 ft lbs of torque doubled is 256.Cubic inches doubled is 290.

Okay.So it comes out more like a V8 small block but it is a CORVAIR big block!

For mid engine you just modify the bellhousing to run differential and trans upside down.Keep everything else down to the brake


It is minimal amount of adapting and you stay all Corvair.

One Corvair buddy said couple them 60 degrees apart.

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