Newbie from Saskatchewan

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Newbie from Saskatchewan

Post by Snowbus62 »

Hello Corvair Gang
Lake is frozen over, hockey rink boards are up . Prov election landslide win :tu: all’s well.
Olympia ice resurfacer is tuned and ready. Need consistent 14 days of 32F to complete
Building ice layers to back yard elevation 75 x 110’ x 4”- 10” 32’000 us gal water.

Anyways besides my introductory rink hobby ramble , I have Bought a
63 900 Monza 4 spd car looks all there all stock from what I can learn.
chasing s/n, will begin drivetrain rebuild asap
Would like to update engine and handling components to get the most bang.
Came with space set of heads. Lots of reading to do here, and I’m sure experienced
Words of advice.
Snowbus 62

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Re: Newbie from Saskatchewan

Post by 66vairguy »

Not to be snarky, but I'd suggest buying a LM (65-69) Corvair. Improved HP and handling.

I do like the EM (60-64) Corviars as much as the LM cars, but the only model year of EM I would consider is the 1964. Longer stroke engine, improved clutch, revised swing axle rear suspension (that finally cured the "the tail happy antics" of the old suspension), and a bigger STANDARD front sway bar.

Don't get me wrong, the 63 Corvair is a fine car for "normal" driving, but YOU asked about handling and power upgrades.

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