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New Member, TN

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Hey all. Glad to be able to join this forum. I bought a red 1968 Corvair monza coupe about two years ago. The car had sat in a barn for about thirty years before I bought it, so I have been bringing back to full operational status as time and money become available. To my knowledge, the car came from the factory with a 140hp engine and powerglide transmission, but the 140 has been long since removed and has been replaced with an 84hp engine out of a '63 car. I hope to put a 140hp engine back in the car, and I have already been gathering up parts to do so. Also interesting is that this seems to be be a radio delete car. The previous owner had a radio out of a '65 car in it, but was hooked up to nothing. No speaker bracket was present, and the car does not seem to have had an antenna hole patched over.

I posted some pictures of the car under the attachments. I have since gotten a car cover after the snow shot was taken...
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Welcome. I have a red 65 Monza as well.

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:welcome2: :wave: :wave: Welcome to the Corvair Forum!

The link below will provide you with a list of useful websites that are Corvair-related. Some of the links will lead you to an extensive technical library that will allow you to download shop manuals and other technical references in Adobe Reader format at no cost. There is also a link that will help you to locate nearby CORSA (Corvair Society of America) club chapters. You will also find a list of essential Corvair parts suppliers. Clark's Corvair Parts in Shelburne Falls, MA is the biggest and oldest Corvair supplier in the world. You will find a link that can provide you with a series of videos that amount to a tour of the Clark's Corvair Parts facilities. Parts suppliers such as this truly make our Corvair hobby possible.

It looks like there are five CORSA club chapter listed in your state. If one is near your home, you might consider contacting them and then checking out their club activities. Many offer technical training and technical support, which could prove to be valuable.

Common and Useful Corvair Websites

:link: viewtopic.php?f=225&t=6007

Image :link: ... =9&reset=0


Here is a breakdown of the information on the body tag you provided...


Body Build Date: 11 = November (1967), D = Fourth Week
The first two digits are numbers 01 through 12, indicating the month of manufacture. The letter is A-E, indicating the week of the month. If the letter is an "D" it indicates the fourth week of the month.

Interior Paint Code: "E"
E= Black

STyle 68-10537 WRN 2570 BODY
68 = 1968
Model 10537: 1 = Chevrolet, 05 = Monza, 37 = 2-Door Sport Coupe, 4-Passenger, WRN = Willow Run, Michigan, Production Sequence No: 2570
1968 Chevrolet Corvair Monza 2-Door Coupe - 4 Passenger, Total Production: 6,807


TRim 704- = BLACK
This 3 digit codes represents the interior color and seat type.

RPO: R-R PAINT = RED "Matador Red"
Lucite No. 4948LH, Rinshed-Mason No. A1997R, Ditzler No. DDL71634

EXAMPLE - 1968 Corvair Coupe in Matador Red

ACC: Unlike earlier year Corvair Body Tags, 1968 and 1969 Corvair Body Tags do not include ACC (Accessory Line) Codes.
1968 Corvair Monza Coupe Body Tag.jpg
1965-1967 RPO (Regular Production Option) statistics can be found using the link below.

1965, 1966, & 1967 U.S. RPO Statistics

This attached information was extracted from Corvair Gold, by David Trull. It includes RPO option information and option pricing for all Corvair model years.
Corvair Gold - Regular Production Options.pdf
:dontknow: I would like to encourage you to expand on your first post and tell us more about yourself, as well as about your 1968 Monza coupe. If you can provide your personal assessment of your mechanical skills and abilities, that would help a lot. Members of the Corvair Forum love to be helpful in assisting other Corvair owners with technical support and advice, but it helps a lot if we have some understanding of your technical background and mechanical abilities, your Corvair-related knowledge, etc. Helping us to know more about you will help us to write comments to you that are tailored to your needs and experience. Knowing your location can also be useful, as that information can sometimes suggest possibilities and options.

As far as I can tell, there was no "Radio Delete" option, but there were several radio, antenna, and rear speaker options. Perhaps the new buyer neglected to order any radio, at all!

I have attached a copy of the 1968-Chevrolet-Corvair - GM Heritage Center Specs

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Thanks for deciphering the body tag, I always wondered what all of that data meant...

About me- I have had an interest in cars for as long as I can remember, but I have always been particularly interested in Corvairs. My dad has owned and worked on Corvairs for decades, and I suppose that got passed on to me. Currently, I am preparing to start college this fall at the University of Tennessee for a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering.

As for the car, I know almost no history of it. I still have the previous owner's title, dated 1976. From my understanding, the car was parked shortly after this for unknown reasons (possible dropped valve seat from original 140hp engine). I got the car from a police officer out of Cookeville, TN, who had bought my Monza and two other Corvairs as a group. He only wanted one of the cars, so I ended up buying the '68. I have already done some major work to the car, including replacing or rebuilding all of the wheel cylinders, tearing apart the top of the engine to insert Timeserts after a spark plug was shot out of the engine, removing and applying new engine seals as the 57 year old seals blow out, and most recently, I have replaced the worn center link and tie rods with new units. All things considered, the car has been very reliable and functioned well as a daily driver during my final year of high school. I wouldn't say that I'm the best mechanic out there, but part of buying this car was to help me to become a better mechanic (for which it has been successful).

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