New here, kind of...

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New here, kind of...

Unread post by 6vair4 » Fri Jan 05, 2018 9:45 pm

Howdy all, I did an introduction about 8 or so months ago.

I didn't end up getting that one but am in the process of finalizing a deal . Ironically about another 64. Anyway I figured I'd officially introduce myself again. My concerns are still very much there. However I look forward to learning about spinning wrenches on an aircooled motor. Been a small block guy forever.

The car had a complete restoration a few years back including pulling everything and respraying paint along with undercoating. Car never had rust ( which I've heard is an issue on em).

I'll try to attach some pics of her. Looking forward to the future friendships

Vair front 2.JPG
Vair front 3.JPG
Vair side 2.JPG
Driver side interior.JPG

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Re: New here, kind of...

Unread post by 66vairguy » Sat Jan 06, 2018 9:01 am

Not sure where you're located, or were the car was from. That is a nice looking car, but as with ANY old car corrosion and "repairs" can be an issue after about five decades. A car that was driven on salted Winter roads will have issues, although the Corvair was better then some resisting corrosion.

Always good to join a Corvair club and get some help, if possible. Compared to a SBC the Corvair engine is composed of a LOT of parts. If rebuilt properly that are durable if maintained. The 64 has a lot of desirable features. Learn about the rear axle bearings. Unlike the LM cars the EM bearings can be serviced to increase their life considerable. Once they start to fail they must be replaced. Also check the transaxle lube. If it's not clean then change it.

Have fun.

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Re: New here, kind of...

Unread post by 6vair4 » Sat Jan 06, 2018 1:58 pm

Hey 66,
Appreciate the reply. The car was never driven in the winter. And not much rain. So from what I was told the car never had much if any rust issues.

I think they re-did the under coating becuase it was already apart and easy to do it.

Engine was rebuilt, clutch and things too I believe. I haven't seen the car up close yet (will be doing that in the next week or so). I'm about 99.9% a go on it however.

Just thought I'd come on here and get some suggestions prior. Also, ask y'all what a good ball park price is for for clean, restored vair?

He's willing to let it go for 7,000.

Thanks y,all!

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