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Hello From Cleveland!

Unread post by jdos2 » Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:16 am

Hi, all!

I've recently purchased a 4-door 1965 PG (AC) 110 in Hastings, Nebraska, and drove it back 1,200 miles to Cleveland, Ohio right after the eclipse (with my very patient girlfriend).
This isn't my first Corvair, but I'd only owned the one in Guantanamo Bay for only a few weeks (good fan belts were really hard to come by and I overheated the poor thing more than once) and worked on a few earlier than that experience.
Car is in decent shape body-wise, but I'm still working through all the adjustments. On pick-up I'd asked for a new electronic ignition, electric fuel pump, gas-tank and sender, brake lines, and for the car to be made safe (as possible) for the trip. It got us home, though the timing was overly advanced (by at least 8 degrees- occasionally pinged at low RPM but didn't overheat), one of the brakes were dragging (fixed by new shoe-return springs) and other normal bugs from a > 50 year old car.

Currently, my Clark's list includes two new choke pull-offs (the right side isn't working, though isn't a vacuum leak itself) and more 10-W30 oil (it came with... 50 weight). I've gotten it adjusted "well enough" to get around (right side choke adjusted rich enough to start but will pull off in the warmth of summer), but am trying to figure out why it runs so rich on the freeway. If I floor it, the car actually doesn't accelerate much- and it feels strongly that the carbs are dumping fuel. Giving the car a "bit more" gas on the freeway and it will build up speed at a healthy rate. Spark is great (resistor coil- 3.1 ohms- fed now with 12 volts, along with the Ignitor-I)- a big, thick blue spark, carbs are equal on the Uni-Syn at idle and higher RPM. Fuel delivery is over a pint in 30 seconds, though I'm going to measure the fuel pressure. Engine runs cool, harmonic balancer hasn't slipped, PG is smooth and the modulator works. Exhaust pipe inside is solid black (based on my VW experience, that means "rich!"). Mileage is about 18 at 65-70, timing is on the 16 degree line, vacuum plugged and removed from the distributor. Air cleaners are clean, oil bath air-filter is clean too. No mouse nests in the intakes. PVC orifice is clear and working. I've not yet read the Rochester operation description.

I've considered re-built carbs for the car.
So I've got things to do! "Hi, all!" and the forum's been good reading so far.
Thank you,
Jeff S.

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