Hi! Yup, I'm a "newbie"!

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Hi! Yup, I'm a "newbie"!

Unread post by mikeym » Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:27 am

Hi, guys! Just got validated, thrilled to be on board!

I'm Mike, live in the Folsom/Sacrameto area of CA. Autocrossed a '64 Monza Spyder coupe in high school and college. Ached for a '65-'66, but could never scrape together enough "bread"!

Until now... Just started the hunt for a '66 Corsa - 140 hp. Would prefer one with the original RPO R64 factory air conditioning option, but understand those are exceptionally rare. Would consider retro-fitting a factory system, like Mark in AZ has done. VERY tidy! Also, with as many of the "right" options as possible: Posi, quick steering ratio, Telescopic steering column, Soft-ray glass...

Would LIKE to make/equip this one as Euro as possible - to make it more of the American Porsche it should have been, like John Fitch did with the Sprint - than a muscle car. This one's gonna be a nicely-done driver - NOT a "trailer queen"...

ANY thoughts/leads would be deeply appreciated!

Heard about a 5-speed trans conversion. Has anyone had any experience with it? Any good?

Many thanks!


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Re: Hi! Yup, I'm a "newbie"!

Unread post by azdave » Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:56 am

Welcome to the forum!

A 66 Corsa 140 with true factory A/C is a very rare car. Finding one with quick steer, posi, tele and other rare option narrows it down to maybe 2-3 cars even existing like that anywhere. How much bread did you scrape together? :)

I know of a really nice one in Phoenix that was restored completely a few years ago. I estimate it would sell for more than $40K easily.
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66 Corsa 140 4-speed w/factory A/C
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