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So ive been trying to get rid of my rust bucket 63 corvair monza 900 for a while, manages to trade it for a 1988 toyota MR2, california car no rust on it anywhere, it was factory undercoated, so its pristine as far as rust, it was dinged in the front though, its a 1.6 with a 5 speed, 219,000 miles, but it drives like it has half that many miles on it, and the guy also traded me a 1981 chevy scottsdale, running and driving, 65xxx miles on it, probably 165xx or 265xxx, now i need to sell the truck, and im re doing (paint, and fixing the dents in the front end) the mr2, and im going to use it for a winter car, and probably a backup for the corvair next summer
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you made out like a bandit!

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